Fiber Optic Cabling Services

With our core competency in fiber optic services Selrico Communications specializes in all aspects of fiber optic installation; splicing, termination, testing, troubleshooting and network certifications.

Fiber Optic Design and Installation Services

Selrico Communications offers both design and installation services for projects of all sizes. We can plan and design a specialized fiber optic design that will lead your company to a successful installation and operation of a fiber optic network. Once your custom design has been created, we can move into the installation and implementation stages. This will include installing the fiber optic cable, testing, certifying and warrantying your network for 1 year. Any installation that is a complete Corning Cable Systems tip-to-tip solution and Corning will warranty for up to 25 years giving you peace of mind.  Once the optical network is up and running Selrico provides network 24-hour maintenance, troubleshooting and restoration services ensuring your network up time is at its highest reliability.

Selrico Communications Houston Services Fiber Optics

Fiber Optic Certification Services

Selrico Communications also provides cable testing and certification services. Certifying your optical network will ensure that your Multi-mode and/or Single-mode fiber meets the network today’s equipment’s performance requirements, as well as tomorrow. Our technicians are proficient with a wide range of testing, to include: OTDR, OLTS, ORL Testing… etc.

What do Our Fiber Services include?

We provide a wide array of Fiber Optic services including design, installation, assessment, planning, cable testing and certification. These services are offered for multimode and singlemode applications, inside plant and outside plant infrastructure.

The following fiber services include:

Fiber Cabling Service Example Houston
Fiber Cabling Service Example Houston
Fiber Cabling Service Example Houston


Single Fiber, Ribbon and Mechanical Splicing , Single/Multi Mode, DS, NZDS and Negative Hydroxyl glass along with Core Mismatch Splicing for all major manufacturers such as Corning, Draka, OFS and Sumitomo.


Cable Routing, Rack Installation, Cable Grooming (Lacing), Splicing, Testing and Auditing of Head-Ends, POPs, Gateways, ReGens and Switches.


Single/Ribbon Bare Fiber Testing, Reel Testing, Uni/Bi-directional OTDR Testing, OTDR Trace Analysis (NetTest Networks), Span Loss Testing (OLTS), Optical Return Loss Testing (ORL), Polarization Mode Dispersion/Chromatic Dispersion (PMD/CD) Testing, Gigabit Ethernet testing, SONET testing, Continuity Testing, Connector Testing, Node Certification and Network/System Auditing.


Facility Patch Panel Based Connectorization and Field Connectorization using UniCam, Splice-On, Epoxy, Ceramic, and other Mechanical Connector Kits.


Modify and/or develop spec’s using current EIA/TIA, UTI and Telcordia Guidelines for any glass type.


Hot-Cuts, Ring-Cuts, Customer Laterals, Network Expansion, ReRoutes and Emergency Restorations.


New Build Construction for Telecom, Traffic Control (ITS), CATV, Intra-Building LAN, Multi-Building Interconnect WAN, Security and Fiber To The Home (FTTH).


Underground Directional Boring, Duct Placement and Proofing, Underground Cable Placement, Aerial Cable Placement via SELRICO COMMUNICATIONS Partnerships.


Building Penetrations, Floor Cores, Wall Cores, EMT and Rigid Custom Installations, Inner duct Installations, Telecom Rack and Ladder Rack Installations and Cabling. Work Performed in Basements, Risers, Plenum Space and Open Air Spaces.


Network Maintenance and Trouble-Shooting, Recent Build Quality Control, Fiber Plant Due Diligence and Documentation for OSP Insight and OptiCon.


24 Hour Call-Out Assistance for any system within 200 miles of Houston (Customer Call-Out Timeline Dependent).

Best Service, Guaranteed.

Each service agreement is customized to our customer’s network requirements.
We proudly stand behind each and every project we undertake.

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